Medical Exercise Program

The Medical Exercise Program at Mass Sport and Spine is a supervised medical exercise class. During each group class the instructor focuses on full body strengthening exercises, core strengthening, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular training. The Medical Exercise Program is great for people who are anxious in the standard gym setting and would like to be monitored by a trained kinesiologist. Each client is set up with an individualized program based on their own abilities and is performed at their own pace.

Classes meet three mornings per week on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in Walpole. The classes are 45 minutes long. The Medical Exercise Program is $60 per month for 8 sessions. To receive further information please call Mass Sport & Spine - Walpole at (508) 668-8900.

If you have any questions or would like to get more information, speak to or contact:

Amanda Carney, ATC
(508) 668-8900