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"Reena is THE best!! She got me walking normally after a hip replacement. She is so caring, professional and encouraging with out fail every day. My hip was so bad at the time I needed pre and post surgical PT and Reena was just fantastic every step- of the way. I am positive I would not be able to hike and walk and bike if it were not for her. MS&S is the only PT I will recommend and the only place I will ever go to. They really are that great."
Apr 14, 2020
"As an athlete, 63 years of age, recovering from any surgery can be challenging. Even more challenging is finding a Physical Therapist who will treat the athlete, and who will move past the age barrier. Luke did just that. Luke had a way of pushing me past my limits, and setting goals to move me to the level of athleticism I am accustomed to. Luke Lindsay-Brisbin and the Westwood facility come highly recommended. The level of care and professionalism exhibited is second to none. Thank you Luke!"
Feb 18, 2020
"I would like to share an amazing experience I had with Luke who works at the Westwood Facility. I was in need of a new pair of Orthotics. I walk on average 18 to 20 miles a week and I was well over due for a new pair. Cost can be an issue for me but I was very pleased with the $100 less than what I had paid before. Luke has the old school talent of plastering your feet and making a cast which was then sent out to the company that creates the end product. I was very impressed how Luke discussed my issues with my feet and took the time to show me exercises that would benefit me. I was having trouble with cramping in my feet and he showed me exercises to alleviate that as well. This is not covered by health insurance but I would recommend Luke's service is well worth your time. I am now two days walking on my NEW orthotics and for the first time they were comfortable right from the start. I love to walk and I so appreciated the good and thorough care I received from Luke at Mass Sport and Spine!"
Aug 15, 2019
"1) Tremendous EV of knee and ankle pain 2) Excellent knowledge of both situations dictionary of parts of the body 3) Amazing stretching and workouts of damaged areas 4) Positive upbeat personal responsive faced with my difficult situation"
Jun 13, 2019
"Mass Sport and Spine is a first-rate rehab facility. The PT staff is professional, friendly, and dedicated. The facility is impressive and has an abundance of cutting edge equipment to aid recovery. The PT Area is expansive. Sara, my PT, answered all my questions and concerns. More importantly she educated me in methods to keep me healthy well beyond rehab. I am truly satisfied and thankful for all the great therapy I received. Sara was a gifted communicator and inspired me to be tenacious about my healing. In addition, I must add the interns were a valuable asset and were also very professional. . I am very thankful to their Adroit administrative staff that made scheduling worry free. They were very attentive and flexible! Thanks a million Sara! Anyone who chooses this facility had made a very wise choice! "
Mar 01, 2019
"Sara is amazing She helped me with my physical and mental (great jokes) rehab My knee was so damaged and she worked me until I was back 100% which I thought would never happen. I highly recommend MA Sport and spine Everyone is amazing and professional "
Feb 19, 2019
"I have been a client of Mass Sport and Spine for several months, having broken an ankle in a hiking accident. I started PT the day after I was cleared by my MD. MS&S has been a pleasure to work with. The front desk is incredibly helpful with insurance referrals. Dr. Luke Lindsay-Brisbin is my highly skilled therapist. He is compassionate, caring, and always moving me forward in my rehab. Each structured session is a warm-up, hands on by Luke, and supervised exercises. As I transition to independence I am grateful for their exceptional care."
Jul 18, 2018
"I had tendonitis of the wrist and I'm a professional pianist, so it was a scary time for me! Luke was my therapist and was always very professional, knowledable and most importantly, his methods worked! I'm completely pain free and back to exactly the way I was before I got the tendonitis! I can't thank him enough and highly recommend him!"
Jul 02, 2018
"I worked with Luke Lindsay-Brisbin to help with pain from my Achilles tendinitis. Luke consistently took the time to explain what treatments he was suggesting and why, and made sure that I understood how to execute each of the exercises. He understood my goals and helped me to achieve those in a way that worked for me. Luke was also very responsive to my emails and answered all of my questions in a clear, concise manner. I was very happy with the treatment I received and would definitely recommend MS&S! "
Feb 12, 2018
"Amazing. Eric Folmar is incredible! Eric is so knowledgeable and experienced. He knows exactly what he is doing and the different techniques to make you heal quicker and be most efficient. The entire staff and team are lovely and kind. They are far better and more effective than other therapists i've been too. i highly recommend Mass Sport and Spine in Westwood."
Sep 07, 2017
"After having a Total Knee Replacement I required physical therapy. Being new to Westwood, I noticed Mass Sport & Spine conveniently located to my new residence. I called and was able to get an appointment immediately. The front staff always greets me quickly and with a smile. As I continue to recover, my physical therapist, Luke, has been amazing! He has always been very professional, caring, and dedicated throughout my treatment. He has always been easy to talk with, and to confide in. He would welcome my questions, and answer them in a way I could understand what he was saying. Saying "Thank You" just isn't enough."
Aug 25, 2017
"When I started my therapy for my knee,I was using a cane to walk around and at the last session,I was walking straight like nothing happened. My therapist Luke Lindsay-Brisbin was very understanding and guided me to my recovery.He was very professional and caring and always had a good attitude.I am very thankful for him for my recovery. The assistants as well as the secretaries Rachel and Mikaela were always very pleasant and greets you with a smile.I will miss seeing these people."
Jul 06, 2017
"At the beginning of my therapy sessions, I was suffering from significant pain in my arm and shoulder and I was mostly unable to lift my arm. Throughout the course of my therapy, the staff was extraordinary dedicated, caring, and performed at the highest professional level at all times. Following completion of my therapy, I have achieved near full recovery and I am now able to lift my arm with full capacity - for this I owe completely to Luke, who, as extremely patient, supportive, and knowledgeable - he was always welcoming of any questions and provided very informative, thoughtful answers. I cannot imagine a more amazing experience than that which I had with Luke-Thank you Luke! Susan Columbo"
Jul 01, 2017
"I came to Mass Sport & Spine in Westwood, and had Luke Lindsay-Brisbin as my PT. I had a knee replacement and was very uncomfortable. The treatment I received was professional and made all the difference in my recovery! I just had my 3 month check up and I am very happy with my progress. I would definitely recommend this facility, and Luke."
May 25, 2017
"By David McNeil When I arrived at Mass Sport&Spine, I could barely walk! With the help of Luke (my PT), I am back doing everything I love to do!!! The attention I received from Mass Sport & Spine was AWESOME! A 5 Star Facility!!!! Thank You"
Apr 30, 2017
"I just ended about 15 weeks of PT with Luke after my neck surgery, I found this to be highly beneficial to me and Luke was great at his job! He surely helped me to get back to the gym and in good shape to perform my job. Thank you all!"
Mar 26, 2017
"You'd be crazy to go anywhere else for PT. I resisted PT for years, and by the time I finally started coming to MA Sport and Spine I was, simply put, a hot mess. I've been working w/ Geno in Westwood for the better part of the last 6 months as he helped me get ready for my 5th marathon - flexible hours, absolutely amazing treatment, and just a really fantastic atmosphere in the clinic. I knocked more than 20 mins off my marathon pace, and am still planning to go back for more PT even now that the race is over - it's that good."
Oct 24, 2016
"Can indeed give you all five stars. Great facility in Westwood and the therapist (Jessica)was terrific as were all the support staff. Helped me to recover from a back surgery as hoped."
Oct 11, 2016
"I had a knee replacement and Rheena was my Pt. She is amazing. Not only is she great at the treatment part of the job but her ability to make me feel better even when I was struggling is what I will remember most. Always positive and I would always end up laughing. I would also like to thank all the techs that iced me and heated me up. I have had much PT in my life and nothing compares to the care I received at Mass Sport and Spine. They are the best."
Apr 22, 2016
"I have been working w/Luke. I can't say how pleased I am with the level of attention and care I have received from him. He listened to everything I had to say, evaluated the multiple issues hampering me from full recovery and put a plan in place that has enabled me to gain my life back. Many issues that bothered me on a day to day basis have disappeared. He has been professional, attentive, and spot on with his recovery plan."
Apr 12, 2016
"Mass Sport and Spine -- specifically Eric Folmar -- has dramatically changed my life for the better. I'm a young woman who had intensive spine surgery 5 months ago. I first came to Eric in extremely weak shape, barely able to walk, and uncertain of what my future would look like. Eric literally taught me the proper way to walk again. Slowly but surely, he helped me to move muscles I hadn't moved in months due to my injury and educated me on safe and smart ways to move again. Following years spent going to physical therapists and surgeons of all kinds, I've never found a health care provider more patient, kind or knowledgeable than Eric. Today I can use the stair-master and elliptical and hike -- activities I couldn't have imagined doing 3 or 4 months ago. I am extremely grateful to Eric and couldn't recommend him enough."
Feb 15, 2016
"The therapists are so professional and friendly. They take personal care of their clients like they are family. I highly recommend Mass Sport. My therapist was Rena and at times Geno. I would recommend them to everyone in the Westwood area."
May 08, 2015
"Reena Patel was great. She did the treatments and adjusted to how my injury was responding."
May 06, 2015
"Reena was really nice and helped me recover from my injury. I would totally recommend her to anyone with an injury!"
Apr 21, 2015
"Reena worked on rehabbing my knee for 9 months, she was so supportive during all the ups and downs, and really pushed me to get where I needed to be. I couldn't have asked for better care. I recommend everyone that has an injury or recovering from surgery to go right to Mass Sport & Spine. I've had my share of injuries and gone to different places, but this really is the absolute best place to go! Thank you Reena and Mass Sport and Spine."
Feb 05, 2015
"Mass Sport and Spine in Westwood is great. All the employees are professional and fun to work with. I'd recommend Mass Sport and Spine to anyone in need of physical therapy or chiropractic services."
Feb 05, 2015
"The entire staff at Mass Sport and Spine in Westwood, MA is amazing. They are all very professional and show tremendous compassion and attention to each of their patients. My daughter and I both had the pleasure of receiving PT there with our wonderful therapist Reena Patel. She really took the time to explain everything to us and tailor our treatments to our specific needs."
Feb 05, 2015
"This is a great place to go for any sport related injury. I was treated by Reena Patel and she was super!"
Jan 23, 2015
"Reena is so knowledgeable and skilled at what she does-she helped unfreeze my shoulder when I had been told by a surgeon that surgery was my only option. All of the staff are friendly and helpful. I'd recommend them to help with any injury and/or recovery"
Sep 28, 2014